A Guide to Voice Technology in Warehouse Management Systems

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Voice delivers wholesale warehouse efficiencies
Pedigree Wholesale gets ‘delivery right first time, on time’ with Accord Voice WMS...
Retail Technology

Logistics heads turn to voice technology to drive competitive edge
New industry research from Vocollect confirms 80 per cent of organisations using voice have experienced a significant increase in staff productivity...
Logistics Business IT

BCP's Accord Voice Technology Speaks Volumes at BWG Foods
Following a £250,000 investment in a Voice Directed Warehouse Management System, leading Irish wholesale and retail company BWG Foods is realising performance benefits across its business with improved operational efficiency and in turn a more accurate service to customers...
Logistics UK

Voice Picking in Retail
In an on-demand world where customer service is key, voice picking can have many benefits for the retailer...
Logistics Online

Bako NW benefits from Voice WMS
Foodservice distributor Bako NW is realising major performance improvements and savings of more than £75,000 p.a. following investment in Voice Directed warehouse technology...
Logistics Business IT

Best practices in voice recognition
In just five years, voice recognition technology has moved from an emerging technology used by early adopters to a common practice delivering a real return on investment, especially in picking operations.
Modern Materials Handling

C J Lang leads the way with voice WMS
SPAR distributor, C J Lang & Son, one of the first companies to adopt Voice technology, has found its Accord Voice WMS has "led to dramatic improvements in warehouse productivity and customer service…exceeding our expectations in all areas"
Retail Technology

Grocery wholesaler reduces stock errors to almost zero with voice recognition system
Grocery wholesaler James Hall has cut costs and administration time by investing a six-figure sum in a voice technology system to help staff pick out orders.
Computer Weekly

I can hear you now
As the technology matures and ROI improves, the adoption rate for voice-recognition technology is rising.
Logistics Management

Raise your voice: Voice recognition gets traction in the warehouse
Here's a question: what hot data collection technology got a big boost because Wal-Mart adopted it?
Modern Materials Handling

Corporate Express: Customer service reigns
Near perfect order accuracy, lower costs, higher throughput, and extended order placement hours are the hallmarks of this DC consolidation.
Modern Materials Handling

New directions for voice-directed picking
While voice-directed equipment has established itself in the warehouse in picking, there remain many other applications for this hands-free, eyes-free technology.
Modern Materials Handling

Psst - Want to double your money this year?
Sounds like investing in some dodgy off-shore bank, financing a narcotics deal or, perhaps, a dead cert at Ascot. But it's the type of return that suppliers of "Voice Technology" claim for their systems.
Pro Wholesaler Delivered Big Book

Calling it in
Grocer Giant Eagle uses voice technology to trim 100 hours a week previously spent in data capture while scoring an 8% gain in picking productivity.
Modern Materials Handling

Can Voice be Justified?
Distributors like Supervalu and Tony’s Fine Foods are finding hard and soft
benefits from costly voice-directed warehouse picking systems.
Supermarket News

Distribution overcomes its speech impediment
Speech technology is poised for wide acceptance in the distribution center.
Supply Chain Systems Magazine

Mis-picks can drop by 80%
Voice technology has been around for a while, but only now do wholesalers seem to be implementing it.
Pro Wholesaler Magazine

Putting your Warehouse on Speaking Terms
Food Logistics

Now Hear This
Karen Berman, Operations and Fulfillment

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